RiseNMine: Not Just A Game, An NFT Collection

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3 min readSep 2, 2022

You’ve already learned the basics of RiseNMine, but what about the NFT collection? In a down market that is oversaturated with NFT collections that lack utility; our goal is to make our collection stand apart. You would normally have to wait several months after the release of a typical NFT collection to see any sort of progress on the roadmap for a support utility. With our collection, we have our first utility available upon release.

Our solution to the NFT utility dilemma is The Crypt, which is our unique claiming pool system. Periodically, a percentage of profit made through microtransactions from the idle-clicker game (available soon on Android and Apple app stores) will be used to purchase Ethereum (ETH). These funds will be deposited into The Crypt. Within The Crypt, you will find Urns which will allow the NFT to claim varying amounts of deposited ETH. The amount of this reward is determined by different factors.

Each NFT will have the opportunity to make up to five (5) claims, and receive your corresponding rewards. After an NFT reaches its maximum amount of claims, the NFT will be sent to The Crypt and locked away forever. Each NFT will only be allowed to claim once per period but remember, you are under no obligation to make a claim at all. This provides a deflationary aspect to the collection as well as an incentive for those willing to do it. Additionally, you can trade any NFT that has between one and five claims remaining on it.

The NFT collection breakdown is as follows:

Mint Price: 0.06 ETH*

Total Collection: 7,500

Royalty: 8%

- 1% to The Crypt

- 1% to Company Expenses

- 3% to Game Development

- 3% to Marketing/Community Giveaways

*The mint payment of 0.06 ETH is only required once. Claiming the ETH from Urns will only require you to pay the gas fees associated with the network, and no additional fees.

By creating this NFT ecosystem, we are aiming to set the bar higher. Future utilities for our collection may include, but are not limited to: merchandise opportunities and giveaways to NFT holders, physical asset giveaways, and use-cases within the P2E version of the RiseNMine PC game (which will release after the IOS/Android versions). Minting of this NFT collection will occur just prior to the release of the RiseNMine game on the app stores. Watch our social media for more information as we get closer to our release date.

As a team, we have invested more than 4,800 hours over the past five months into building JUST the RiseNMine game. We will be releasing more sneak peeks over the next few weeks!

Please make sure to follow us on social media for more updates!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiseNMine

Discord: https://discord.gg/risenmine

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/henrywyatt/



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